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Fried potatoes, sherry vinegar, paprika, aioli 5.5

Chorizo, red wine, honey 6.5

Boquerones on toast 6.5

Padron peppers, flaked almonds 5.5

Salmorejo - chilled tomato soup, serrano ham, egg 7

Bruschetta, peas, asparagus, orange zest, basil 8.5

Labneh, preserved lemon, olives, zaatar, flatbread 7

Fennel, apple, cucumber & almond salad 8

Grilled chicken, artichoke & aioli sandwich 10 

Italian sausages, Sicilian pepperonata, fried semolina 15.5

Courgette pancakes, tomato & lentil salad, spiced yoghurt 14

Whole bream, samphire, capers, new potatoes 18.5

Grilled spring chicken, fregola and grape salad 21.5

Beetroot, chard & barley risotto, almond ricotta 12.5

Bavette steak, fried potatoes, chimichurri, rocket, parmesan 20.5 

Ginger cake, vanilla ice cream 7

Vanilla panna cotta, strawberry & red currant jam 7

Moroccan syrup cake, yoghurt, mint 7 

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